Nassim Kerkache worked at Harvard University Mail Services for 19 years, including 9 years as a coordinator, before a new manager told him that his accent made him unqualified for the job. Read his story here.

Judy Rouse is a Harvard Law School cafeteria worker who helped organize the union in 2011. In December 2013, she was unfairly fired after calling the police when her manager assaulted her, and is now demanding that Harvard rehire her. Read her story here.

Johany Pilar was repeatedly sexually harassed at work at the Science Center Mail Center; when she reported the incident, management blamed Johany, called her a ‘troublemaker,’ and made her train the man who had harassed her. They retaliated against her by refusing to allow her to use her sick leave to go to the doctor. Johany was transferred to a new building, and after overhearing managers make racist comments, she realized that all but one of the workers of color had been fired or transferred from the Science Center Mail Center.

Note: Managers’ names have been redacted for their privacy. Please contact us with questions or concerns.


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