Our Demands


We demand that Harvard uphold its commitment to nondiscrimination by doing the following:

1) Address the outstanding injustices facing workers in Harvard Campus Services.

Johany Pilar must receive a transfer to a full-time job in a new department, to a job that is at least comparable (grade 51). Johany must be allowed to talk about her working conditions with co-workers.

Nassim Kerkache’s demotion of three salary grades must be reversed. Nassim must be returned to at least his previous level of responsibility–a grade 54 coordinator job description.

Harvard must stop threatening to terminate Marvin Byrd, who is currently on long-term disability leave. When he is well enough to come back to work, Marvin must receive the accommodations he needs (like limits on lifting and mobility limitations), and he should be promoted to Staff Assistant II with back pay.

Harvard Law School must rehire Judy Rousse, who was unfairly fired in December 2013 after being assaulted in her workplace. Additionally, Harvard must retract its no-trespass order, with which she was unfairly saddled after reporting her assault.

2) Create a broad-based, comprehensive approach to addressing and preventing discrimination in Harvard workplaces.  Currently, workers encountering discrimination in the workplace face an inefficient and complicated bureaucratic system for addressing complaints, which prevents workers from receiving the human attention and reparations they deserve. Students, workers, unions, the Harvard Foundation for Race and Cultural Relations, the Office of BGLTQ Student Life, and the Harvard College Women’s Center must play a central role in revisioning how Harvard addresses issues of sexism, racism, ableism, ageism, classism, xenophobia, and other instances of discrimination on campus.

3) Require all managers at Harvard to undergo anti-oppression training. Everyone currently in a management position at Harvard must attend yearly trainings run by the Office of BGLTQ Student Life, the Harvard College Women’s Center, and the Harvard Foundation for Race and Cultural Relations, and representatives from UNITE HERE Local 26, the Harvard Union of Clerical and Technical Workers, and the Service Employees International Union District 615 . In the future, every new manager must attend this training before beginning to interact with employees. In addition, every manager should have sexual assault/sexual harassment training run by the Office of Sexual Assault Prevention and Response.

geoff and sandra

Geoff Carens and Sandra Korn speak at a rally for workers


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